A recent response from Shaun-Drummond, Director General of Queensland Health (Image below) to an allied health professional confirmed that Queensland Health’s Executive has no intention of removing the Health Employment Directive 12/21 “mandate”.

The Doctors Against Mandates are now supported by nurses and allied health to challenge the HED 12/21 AKA Queensland Health’s Public Sector vaccine “mandate”; which still affects many hundreds of experienced, discerning, and ethically minded professionals that also financially coerced many to receive provisionally approved drugs absent their valid consent.

These brave medical professionals urgently need financial support to help them outlast the Government’s delay tactics and motions, consider donating here: https://www.mightycause.com/story/0hug6f

All remaining funds will be re-donated by the Doctors Against Mandates group to the No More Silence Australia vaccination injury class action lawsuit currently at the Federal Court.

The mandate has restricted at least 40,000 years of collective experience treating Queenslanders being withheld from providing care and services within the Public Sector due to each Director General’s unwillingness to delve into uncomfortable but real data and research that has repeatedly been provided by discerning Public servants.

This comes off evidence that Queensland Health expended $200 million currently expiring RAT tests, and another almost $40 million on Pandemic Leave from the date of HED 12/21’s imposition.

Doctors Against Mandates is a group of Doctors that went to the Supreme Court last year to challenge the Public Health Directive (Vaccination Requirements) issued by the Chief Health Officer of the Queensland Department of Health; before it was revoked shortly after expert evidence was provided.

Now the Doctors Against Mandates progress to mentions in mid April 2023 begin a challenge against the HED 12/21 with relevant and qualified expert testimony from several highly qualified expert witness testimonies that establishes that the Queensland Health mandate may have been unreasonably misinformed or is not a reasonably necessary or demonstrably justified control measure to continue, and ought to be revoked. 

This review is a critical opportunity to open the eyes of our justices to evidence the lower courts and commissioners failed to accept or consider so that informed, ethical, and discerning medical professionals and nurses may return to serve the public. 

The sooner the better. 

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