Why the mRNA ‘Vaccines’ are not typical vaccines

This excellent Substack post by Dr Ah Khan Syed explains the molecular biology of the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines and why they are causing unprecedented adverse events.  As usual in Medicine, the biochemistry, pharmacodynamics, molecular biology and pathophysiology explain the basis for symptoms and disease.  In this case iatrogenic diseases from synthetic mRNA encased in lipid-nanoparticles that never was fully tested prior to Emergency Use Authorisation in the USA and provisional approval in Australia.

Dr Andrew Madry’s expert witness report

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Australian Medical Professionals Society

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Letter to all main health professional societies/colleges/associations and politicians.

The email to those health professional organisations and our parliamentary representatives has attached an extensive report by Dr Phillip Altman, who had 48 years of experience as a clinical trials and regulatory affairs consultant to the TGA and scientific roles within the pharmaceutical industry and is the founder of the international body for such experts.  His experience relates to analyses of the risks/benefits and safety testing procedures process for new pharmaceutical products submitted to agencies such as the TGA for regulatory approval. Direct link to Dr Phillip Altman’s Report.

Declaration for health practitioners and scientists to sign for law reform to National Law (governing AHPRA) and Therapeutic Goods Act governing TGA to improve protections to the practitioner-client relationship for provision of fully-informed informed consent, and for greater transparency from our TGA in its processes for new drug/vaccine approvals.

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Covid Medical Network 

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List of ~1,000 peer-reviewed papers on harms of experimental gene-based Covid-19 vaccines

Open Letter (52 pages & 23 appendices) to TGA, ATAGI and Federal Health Ministry in March 2022

Simpler PDF powerpoint slide version of the 52 page Open Letter to TGA et al

Canadian Covid Care Alliance 

(has in-depth analyses of the clinical trials of Pfizer and Moderna):

USA Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance:

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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science:

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World Council for Health:

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World Council for Health call regarding gene-based Covid-19 vaccines (read more)

Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance

Public Health and Medical Practitioners for Transparency 

(have been using a FOI request to gather Pfizer’s clinical trial data sent to the FDA, which the FDA wanted 75years to slowly provide, but a judge ordered it must all be released this year)

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International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists 

(Held a Covid Medical Summit to discuss the data as to how best to manage and treat the Covid-19 pandemic, and produced a Declaration signed by 17,000 doctors and medical scientists):

The Telegram channel of a Californian academic physician

‘Dr John B’ who presents hundreds of published data and case studies on the pathophysiology of both Covid-19 illness and the Covid-19 gene-based vaccines, showing beyond redundancy that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is toxic whether from systemic severe Covid-19 illness from the virus or from spike proteins produced in bodily organs and the blood stream by the gene-based vaccines:

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Vist the website is an organisation set up by Brianne Dressen, who suffered a severe neurological adverse reaction in the AstraZeneca trial and was written out of the trial data. She corresponded to correct this omission with the New England Journal of Medicine to no avail. The website collates information about treatments for spike protein related disease and injury.

Brownstone Institute

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Independent media with scholarly articles and opeds from researchers, academics and journalists and clinicians on all things Covid related, e.g.:

Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakur, public policy, Australian National University and former Assistant Secretary-General to the United Nations, on “Stop vaccinating children for Covid: It’s neither medically justified nor ethical” (read more)

Dr Paul Alexander, epidemiologist, former senior advisor on the US Dept of Health Covid-19 response, on a list of 159 (as of 13 September 2022) peer-reviewed articles on why natural immunity is roughly equivalent or often found to be superior to vaccine immunity in case of Covid-19 (read more)

Doctors Against Mandates are not “anti-vaxxers”. 

We have had the usual traditional vaccines and most of us have taken Hep-B vaccines which are part of a health professionals contract for most hospitals. 

“Anti-vaxxers” now appears to be a term used pejoratively to silence open scientific and medical risk/benefit debate about the experimental gene-based vaccines.  Rather we have legitimate concerns about such a new, rushed technology, particularly in light of data showing no significant halting of transmission of the virus, especially for Delta and Omicron variants, as well as official vaccine injury databases showing more adverse effects and reported deaths in 18 months from these 4 gene-based products than all vaccines for all other conditions over several decades since such databases have been available.

The mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) and adenovectorDNA  (Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca) vaccines are novel technologies that insert genetic code into human cells that then manufacture the SARS-CoV-2 virus’ spike protein, which when it exits human cells is picked up by the immune cells and leads to an immune response.  This is a new technology.  The lipid nanoparticle matrix that encases the synthetic mRNA vaccines carries the mRNA far and wide throughout the body as evidenced by a biodistribution study that the US FDA and Pfizer did not release, but the Japanese regulator released under a FOI request, the English translation version is here, the table near end listing body organs, notably the ovaries, heart, brain and spinal cord, is of critical interest.

There is also a similar lipid nanoparticle carrier for the Novavax vaccine.

Traditional vaccine technologies that inject inactivated parts of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are used for many Covid-19 vaccines – but mostly in non-Western nations.  These include several on the Australian Immunisation Register such as the inactivated virus vaccine, Covaxin, made in India by Bharat Biotech pharmaceutical company (you can read more under this link) but is currently unavailable due to suspension of export as described here and the inactivated virus Chinese Coronavac company’s Sinovac and Chinese Sinopharm BIBP vaccines.

Also the protein-based vaccine of is marketed in Iran as SpikoGen in Iran: (read more)

Several of us in this Doctors Against Mandates group, tried unsuccessfully to obtain non-gene-based Covid-19 vaccines for employment purposes, as well as for health prevention reasons, though by now we have almost all had Covid-19 the illness and there are over 150 studies attesting to the equal or better immunological value of natural immunity over the Covid-19 gene-based vaccines’ immunity (read more)